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August 07 2017


Self care is going into a corn field at night to get abducted by aliens



What’s it like being 21 and older

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why cant more boys be like iida


if a restaurant has an older lady calling you “hun” or “sweetie” that place is more than likely to serve you some top quality food

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(1520) raphael, self portrait with a friend

(2013) oscar isaac

You guys need to stop outing immortals like this. They’ll admit it when they’re ready to


take me back to 2009 so i can experience hearing tik tok for the first time again



so today I learned that when a pregnant woman suffers organ damage (such as a heart attack), the fetus sends stem cells to the damaged organ to help repair it. Apparently it is an evolutionary mechanism; by protecting its mother the fetus also ensures it’s own survival. I am in awe of how incomprehensibly complex our bodies are, truly. (x)

along the same theme, albeit less poetic, pregnant cattle and deer with limited food sources can reabsorb their growing fetus to meet their needs…

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06.21 Happy Birthday !!(●'◡'●)ノ♥


why are yall so afraid to double text like ill be out here sending 9 messages in a row buzz buzz another message? its me bitch i just got a lot to say!!

August 06 2017

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remember that point in life where we suddenly became Shego?

how is she filing her nails with gloves on

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So my roommate (girl) bought this vodka?? and me (guy) and my other roommate (guy) poured a glass and have just been staring at it for a good 10 minutes idk what is this glitter fuckery I don’t wanna drink it

I (guy) am curious why your genders are relevant

i (guy) once got this exact bottle as a present and thought it was some kind of wine so i (guy) had 3 glasses of it and then blacked out. not related to the glitter discourse just saying i (guy) see that wine glass and you’re (guys) making a mistake


y’all love to mock asian nail salon owners so here’s a little background for your dumbasses:

during the vietnam war, many vietnamese refugees came to america, a lot being women and their children. an american actress, tippi hedren, flew to sacramento, ca. to visit a refugee camp. she wanted to meet the women who were living there and figure out ways to support them. many of them had lost their husbands in the war and were now left without an income and many had no knowledge of how to begin to provide for themselves and their children. while there, tippi noticed that many of the women were fascinated with her manicured nails. tippi had gotten the idea to fly her manicurist to the refugee camp to teach the women how to do nails, in hopes of giving these women a way to support themselves and their families. tippi had paid for 20 women from the refugee camp to attend beautician school and help them get their licenses & eventually find jobs. about 51% of manicurists in the u.s. are vietnamese and many of them are direct descendants of these 20 women who were given the chance to go to beautician school at the courtesy of tippi. so next time y’all want to mock and make fun of hardworking nail techs and treat them like shit, just remember that this is all because of the labor and the persistence of their ancestors who came here with nothing.

June 24 2017

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