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August 13 2017

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resting your phone between your head and shoulder while you’re talking and feeling like a responsible and hectic businesswoman from a 2007 rom com with filing to do

reblog if you like pizza or you've ever killed someone

I have a pretty good memory, but memories are time beings, too, like cherry blossoms or ginkgo leaves; for awhile they are beautiful, and then they fade and die.
— Ruth Ozeki, A Tale for the Time Being

friendly reminders:


- it is not practical to revolve your life around one thing, one person, one problem, etc.
- understand that it is NOT ALWAYS about your grades; most of the time, it is the things that you have learned and kept inside your heart.
- sometimes, all you need is passion, love, and perseverance in order to harvest good outcomes.
- it is alright not to feel okay!!
- there are some things and people in your life that are not meant to be yours forever
- let go of toxic people because instead of helping you grow, they might be the ones who will bring you down
- crying over certain things when you’re vulnerable does not make you weak.
- there’s a huge difference between falling in love with the thought of falling in love and falling in love with the person
- non-conformity is not ‘weird’ and it’s true that being ‘normal’ gets exhausting sometimes
- always find time to contact and leave messages to important people in your life
- do not permit the opinion of one person to alter your entire life
- do not change for people who are not willing to move forward with you
- nothing beats being the most genuine version of yourself
- failure is part of becoming a better person.
- do not permit anger to rule over your permanent decisions in life
- try to be kinder in everything that you do
- you cannot please everyone!!
- do NOT apologize for being yourself
- things do get better. you will heal and get better.
- this probably wouldn’t matter in ten years

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Sheith Month: Artist Choice (Paradise)

Watercolor on Hot Press

Let them rest together in a beautiful place with the sun on them where they can nap and just lay with each other. 

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Hongbin’s Sweet Message :)

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Ревизия водостока

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Ghibli Art 1

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Pikachu X LINE

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The cords represent the flow of time itself. They converge and take shape. The threads twist, tangle, unravel, and connect again. Musubi - knotting. That’s time. —  君の名は/Your Name (2016) dir. Makoto Shinkai

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JJCC with their new puppies~

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